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Flamingo Carnival Arts was founded in 1983, in common with many small groups, The organisation which is Flamingo began in someones front room. Martha Fevrier (CEO), Family & Friends created the organisation. They came togeather as carnival enthusiast who wanted to develop their talent's and expertise as costume makers and performers  and practices the principle of Equal Opportunity .

The club is a multi cultural organisation both in its principles and practise's and over the last 35 years  Flamingo has provided a diverse range of activities throughout England and Northern Ireland plus National and Internationally.


Carnival in the community

Carnival is one of the most inclusive of art forms and activities, providing a avenue for everyone to contribute and work together as a community with a common focus. Flamingo is committed to the fulfilment of each individuals aspirations and talent through the work leading up to Notting hill Carnival.


Since the start of their involvement with carnival, Flamingo has been recognised as one of the most original of the groups, and have won numerous amounts of Awards and Trophies . The recognition of their originality and expertiser in costume design and production extends to other bodies such as The BBC, TV, Channel 4, Sky and various other channels all of whom have feathered Flamingo's costumes. 

Flamingo Carnival Arts recognises carnival  as a living art form which is consistently evolving and developing and drawing on its cultural technological and economic envioroment Flamingo seeks to work with untrained enthusiasm and creativity in what is a truly social art, culminating in the highest quality. Participating, performing and specatiting are open to all, By intergrating many art forms-art design, craft, dance, music and theatre, Flamingo seeks to liberate the imaginations of all who come into contact with its work.

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